Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our cutting-edge approach combines the power of AI and manual intelligence to deliver bespoke RPO solutions. We leverage advanced technology and tools for sourcing, applicant tracking, and analytics. Our AI powered pre-employment tests, assess the candidates based on their practical skills, cognitive skills, and technical knowledge according to different roles and industries.

Application scanning, filtering and shortlisting candidates is streamlined and automated on our cloud based ATS platform. The automation along with careful manual quality control makes sure we deliver scalability as well as speed.

Our RPO Services
1. Enterprise RPO

Enterprise RPO, otherwise known as full talent lifecycle RPO enables your organization to outsource all aspects of its recruiting solution. From stakeholder management to requirement gathering and understanding, further sourcing candidate and screening efforts to conducting interviews and navigating the hiring process, we will be there to provide support and expertise at every step of the way. This full-service RPO solution can enhance operational efficiencies, generate cost savings, and ensure greater compliance all while improving candidate quality.

2. Project RPO

With project-based RPO, you’ll gain access to an Account Manager with a backend team of specialized recruiters who will help you scale your workforce in the right way to address the hiring needs of your business. Whether your company is undergoing a change in strategy, launching a new product or service, or expanding in size, project based RPOs help to have more workers on hand.

3. On-demand RPO

This program can strategically support your recruiting needs with ease during seasonal hiring spikes. In on-demand RPO, we provide you with a dedicated recruiting resource with or without a backend team support as per your demand, who can support your business with extra set of hands to seamlessly integrate with your team.