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Welcome to Unique Occupational Services Private Limited (UOS), a pioneering talent management consultancy established in 2011. Founded with unwavering self-confidence and a wealth of knowledge, our vision was to become a premier recruitment provider. With a team of seasoned professionals, we proudly offer comprehensive services nationwide, catering to diverse industries and functions.

From crafting HR policies to executive recruitment, UOS provides a spectrum of solutions all under one roof. Our commitment to staying abreast of the latest technology ensures that we remain at the forefront of the evolving economy and business landscape, empowering us to deliver optimal results to our clients.

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Our Services

Permanent Recruitment

UOSPL excels in permanent recruitment, seamlessly connecting employers with top-tier talent for enduring success. Our meticulous approach ensures that every hire... Read More

Executive Recruitment

Elevate your leadership team with UOSPL's executive recruitment services. We identify and secure high-caliber executives who bring strategic vision and unparalleled... Read More

Contract Staffing

UOSPL provides flexible and efficient contract staffing solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require short-term expertise or project-based support... Read More

Training and Development

UOSPL is committed to fostering continuous growth within your organization through our comprehensive training and development programs. We design... Read More

Market Intelligence

Stay ahead in your industry with UOSPL's market intelligence services. Our team conducts thorough research and analysis to provide you with valuable insights... Read More

House of HR

UOSPL's House of HR specializes in providing recruiters on demand for pre-specified durations, enhancing your in-house talent acquisition capabilities... Read More

International Hiring

We support you and advise you on international solutions, from sourcing and selection to RPO and headhunting! We have a broad geographic... Read More

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our cutting-edge approach combines the power of AI and manual intelligence to deliver bespoke RPO solutions. We leverage advanced technology... Read More

Why Us

Why Choose Us

UOS is one of the fast growing HR solutions companies in the country today. Over the past few years, we have proven ourselves to be a valuable business partner to our clients, enabling them to meet their long term strategic goals through our portfolio of HR Solutions.
Our client base is wide and varied, catering to companies of different sizes and from different sectors. Our clients range from large multinational corporations to medium sized companies and rapidly growing startups. As one of the few integrated HR solutions companies in India, we have the unique expertise to provide a one-stop solution for every client’s unique requirements.

The Right Choice

Innovation At Unique Consultancy

Choosing Unique Consultancy is synonymous with making the right choice for innovation in talent management. At Unique Consultancy, we redefine the landscape of recruitment with a commitment to constant innovation. Our approach is rooted in pioneering strategies, leveraging the latest technologies and industry trends. We pride ourselves on cultivating a culture of creativity and adaptability, ensuring that our clients benefit from cutting-edge solutions. When you choose Unique Consultancy, you choose a partner dedicated to pushing the boundaries of traditional talent management, ultimately propelling your organization towards unprecedented success.

The Right Choice

Insightful Results

Choosing UOSPL for your talent management needs is undoubtedly the right choice. Our commitment to delivering insightful results sets us apart in the industry. With a meticulous approach and a team of seasoned professionals, we go beyond conventional solutions, ensuring that every decision leads to meaningful outcomes. At UOSPL, we understand the importance of insightful results in driving your business forward, and we are dedicated to being the strategic partner that propels you towards sustained success.

Core People

Meet Our Team


Karan Sethi

Managing Director


Mr. Gulshan Sethi



Dr. Jyotsana Sethi

Managing Partner, Head International Hiring


Swatti Asthana

Managing Partner


Priya Tyagi

Manager Non Tech Recruiment


Sharad Srivastava

Senior Business Manager


Somil Shastri

Senior Executive HR


Savita Amit

Manager Delivery Contract Staffing Lead


Monika Singh

AM Technology Recruitment


Raushik Agarwal

Senior Business Manager


Megha Jain

Lead Contract Staffing


Mr. Jitendra Rahi

Business Consultant


Anisha Jain

Team Lead

Our Blog

Our Diary


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